Hedge Care projects

Conifer hedge after trimming

Here you can see the difference when a conifer hedge is trimmed back nicely.

Conifer hedge, cleared and tidied

This conifer hedge was topped by 3 feet and had the sides trimmed back. We will be back next year to give it a trim to keep it looking neat.

Tree and Hedge pruning in Hursley

This picture shows a conifer hedge we trimmed and a Hornbeam tree which we reduced back in the winter. It’s really great to see trees we’ve worked on doing so well months after and keeping  good a shape.

Hedge trimming in the New Forest

Laurel hedge trimming for a regular customer at Canada Common in the New Forest.

Hedge trimming in Ampfield

Here is a Lonicera hedge that we trim twice a year for a long returning customer in Ampfield.

Hedge trimming in Ampfield

This is the same hedge looking down to the other end. The different sections and shapes make it interesting to trim!

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