A selection of projects recently completed by GTHC.

Large Ash after pruning.

Here we were asked to re-pollard a large Ash tree for a returning customer in Braishfield. This is quite a dated method but when done at the right time of year the tree will respond well and will soon be full of new growth by the summer.

Dismantling of a cherry tree in Braishfield.

Wood chip was used on the customer’s flower beds and they kept the timber for firewood.


Edd up a large Ash

Taking a break and enjoying the view on a sunny winter’s day.

Conifer hedge after trimming.

Here you can see the difference when a conifer hedge is trimmed back nicely. 

Conifer hedge, cleared and tidied.

This conifer hedge was topped by 3 feet and had the sides trimmed back. We will be back next year to give it a trim to keep it looking neat. 

Dismantling a Sycamore tree near Winchester.

This picture shows Edd dismantling a Sycamore tree near Winchester. The tree was blocking a lot of light from the customer’s garden when in full leaf, so they decided to have it taken out.

Edd carefully trimming a large Robinia tree.

At this job many Acacia trees had self-seeded and outgrown their welcome,  so the customer asked us to remove them. Here Edd is making some carefully placed cuts. 

Robinia dismantle.

Careful dropping of limbs ensures no other surrounding trees or shrubs are damaged. Larger pieces are lowered down using ropes and pulleys. 

Tree and Hedge pruning in Hursley

This picture shows a conifer hedge we trimmed and a Hornbeam tree which we reduced back in the winter. It’s really great to see trees we’ve worked on doing so well months after and keeping  good a shape.

Hedge trimming in the New Forest.

Laurel hedge trimming for a regular customer at Canada Common in the New Forest.

About to get lifted up into the tree in Braishfield.

Tackling a large split out section of Beech tree at Braishfield Manor, we used the telescopic handler and cage to safely access the tree as it was far to dangerous to climb .

Edd carefully making some cuts.

Here you can see how we were able to safely work on cutting out the split limb that was caught up on smaller trees and hanging over the road. 

The next section to cut.

In the manor of which it was hanging, the large section had to be cut in a way where it would stay balanced to avoid any timber falling down uncontrollably. 

Hedge trimming in Ampfield

Here is a Lonicera hedge that we trim twice a year for a long returning customer in Ampfield.

Another angle.

This is the same hedge looking down to the other end. The different sections and shapes make it interesting to trim!

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